Intelligence for

We help businesses thrive on-chain through
research, education, and consultation

We provide data and intelligence to online and on-chain companies.
We combine blockchain data, sophisticated tools, and advanced analytics
to fight fraud, money laundering, and financial crime.
Our services are tailored to your business needs to help you
navigate the cryptocurrency space and ensure
you’re making data-driven decisions.


Concerned you’re paying too much in fees?
Want to make sure you aren’t accepting
the proceeds of crime?
We can give you peace of mind.


Just getting started, early adopters, or somewhere in between. We can help bootstrap, kickstart, or refine your strategy.


Based on your specific needs, our Blockchain Intelligence experts will develop a comprehensive reporting suite and brilliant dashboards.


Podproza can provide in-depth research dossiers on everything from soft forks to smart contracts.

Getting to Know Your Business

Developing the right plan for your business starts with asking the right questions. Contact us to set up a consultation meeting where we can assess your company’s specific requirements, collaborate on a plan and execute your vision.

The Podproza Advantage


Next-Generation Payment Tech​

Experts in blockchain and beyond.


E-commerce Specialists

Services tailored to the industry.


Years of Blockchain Experience

The right team on your side.


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